VOIP/IP Phone Solutions

We provide a full range of VoIP solutions

VoIP (Voice over IP) is a great technology that allows you to make free and cheap calls locally and worldwide, and gives you a handful of other benefits and improvements over traditional telephony. To be able to use VoIP, you need a VoIP service.

At Pal-Afric, we provide a full range of VoIP solutions which are ideal for businesses looking to implement a reliable and advanced telephone system. Whether you are a home-based business or an enterprise customer, our wide range of VoIP services allows you to unleash the power of the Internet to transform your communications.

Deploying VoIP in a small and medium business does not simply replace the existing phone system, but also adds much more features, prestige, quality and fluidity in the organization. Besides, the main reason for deploying VoIP into a small business is the shrinking down of communication costs. Finally, a VoIP system and a traditional phone system do not compare; the former is much better. Here are the top VoIP solutions for small and medium businesses.